Hello,First of all, Id like to thank you for being a member of mobilephonetalk Community.As you all might know, mobilephonetalk run on its own Dedicated Server and therefor, we have to pay the bill to our hosting provider. The amount is 250$ /Month and its not possible to raise the funds through Advertising.We have the option to downgrade the Server Specs to cut down the expenses, but that will lead us to a poor quality forum and thats what we dont want, right? Therefor, the whole mobilephonetalk Team is asking for your help in form of Donations. Any amount, no matter how small it is, will be appreciated and help us to reach our goal.So, please, please donate now and help us to grow bigger. All the money you donate will be spend to improve mobilephonetalk only. Thats a promise.

Since you are donating, its our duty to give you something in return. Though the return gift will never be as big as your donation, but thatll be show you how much we appreciate your good work.Below is the list of the things which youll get in return. Completely Ad Free MobilePhoneTalk : No more Ads for you. Faster Page Loads, Faster Downloads +

VIP User Group Donation Amount For Ads free sites
- $5 6 Month
- $10 1 Year
- $20 2 Year
- $40 Life Time

Customizable Profile : You can customize your profile to show the creativity of you. You can change fonts, Borders, Background Colors, the whole look. You can find a customized profile here. This is limited to Admins and Global Mods only.
Custom Title : You can have your own title. Titles are the texts which appears just below your username. You can change it anytime from your User CP. This feature is also limited to a few usergroups.
Picture : You can have a bigger profile picture than other members. Though wed like to ask you to keep it small. You can also upload more pictures in Personal Albums than normal members.
Donor Badge : A Donor Rank will be given to you with Rank Badge which will appear between your username and avatar. Which you show other members that you are a special and loyal member of MPTalk. (Only For 20$ + Donators)
Bigger PM Storage : You can save up to 500 PMs. The capacity is limited to 50 PMs for normal members.Invisible Member : You can see invisible member Change Username : You can change username any timeAccess
VIP Member Zone : You can Access VIP Member Zone Future Plans : We have lots of things planned for future.
Anonymous MPT Browsing : We don't keep donators IP when posting registering all ip will be completely removed from our record. Also you can delete your won account.
Ill update this post after every new feature added.