View Full Version : 20Q Mind Reader v1.0.5 iPhone iPod Touch COREPDA

29-11-2009, 06:33 AM

Probe deep into your mind and challenge your skills to see if you can outsmart the system in 20Q! Yes, we can read your mind…

Play 4 unique game modes that will keep you alert, surprised and craving for more! Test your mental skills by playing Classic 20Q and Anagram Game modes. Play with friends in Guess It mode in pass-n-play style or Who Gets It mode to see who can guess the object first. Dare your friends to take the 20Q challenge and see who can beat the game!

• Four addictive and interactive games in one:
(1) Classic 20Q – Capable of guessing just about anything!
(2) Anagram game – Take jumbled letters and make a word out if it based on the clues
(3) Guess It – Pass and play game where you reveal a hidden word letter by letter. The first person to get it correct, wins!
(4) Who Gets It! – One person thinks of an object while others ask 20Q style questions to try and guess the object. The first to guess it, wins!!
• Endless replay value – replay tests to get a higher score and gain gold medals
• Unique iPhone and iPod touch controls -- users can easily tap the device to make decisions
• Real bright and stunning art graphics
• Exciting and fun music!

What's new
General optimization and bug fixes to improve overall gameplay.