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07-12-2009, 07:46 PM
iMuscle 1 0-CnPda


This application ? allows users to zoom in and identify muscles and then shows the exercises associated with building up that muscle or muscle group.

? No internet connection required.
? Zoom in and identify any region, muscle or muscle group.
? Search for particular muscles or particular exercises in the index.
? Over 100 hi-quality 3D animated exercises.
? All major muscles identified with anatomical descriptions.

The user is presented with a hi-quality 3D model of the full muscle system. The user can zoom in to any area ? by tapping on a region ? tapping again will zoom in further ? eventually the user will have zoomed into an individual muscle or muscle group. The user can then identify a muscle by pressing on it and is then shown the exercises associated with building up that muscle or muscle group.
Throughout the application - on every zoom, the user can change between front and back views by just dragging their finger over the image to rotate it.

The application can also be used as a visual reference tool by using the index: By simply selecting a muscle name from the muscle index ? the application will show the user where it is located ? i.e by zooming into the appropriate region and finding and labeling the item you requested and then showing the exercises associated with building that muscle. By tapping on an exercise, the user will be shown a simple animation of how to do that exercise and information on how to get the best results.
The user can also select an exercise from the exercise index ? which will bring the user directly to an animated exercise screen.

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...-=[[[ iMuscle 1.0-CnPda (http://rapidshare.com/files/317653521/dceelPinu0hnP.rar.html) 15.54MB ]]]=-...

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