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13-02-2012, 08:30 PM
Financisto v1.5.5
Requirements: for all Android versions, supports App2SD
Overview: Open-source personal finance manager.
https://lh3.gg.com/0EaH2qYQ9eFnhDmuvwJGCsFrDDzgZP4pFSMCMhKrrlccIRujnz X410RsOsKnrDdZkfs

- Multiple accounts
- Any currency
- Transfers with downloadable rates
- Scheduled & recurring transactions
- Hierarchical categories with custom attributes
- Recurring budgets
- Project, payees and locations support
- Filtering and reporting
- Online backup (gdocs)


Please DO BACKUP before upgrade! (We will implement automatic backup at some point, but meanwhile please do backup manually before updating and from time to time)

It is not recommended to move Financisto to SD card - you might get problems with widgets and scheduled transactions.


LOCATION - to stamp current location on a transactions, can be switched off in the preferences

INTERNET - automatic error reporting (can be switched off in the preferences); for downloading currency rates in multi-currency transfer; to do online backup to Google Docs; also required by Google Maps component to edit/view locations

CAMERA - to attach pictures to transactions

Q: Why currency XYZ is missing?
A: You can add any currency manually. Go to Menu -> Entities -> Currencies -> [+]
Q: How to delete account/transaction/balance etc?
A: Long tap in the list to bring up popup menu

What's in this version:
[+] Integration with Dropbox to send backup/auto-backup files to the cloud
[+] Add an option to enable/disable quick menus
[+] Daily auto-backup
[+] Backup folder is now configurable in the preferences
[+] Send backup file using the standard intent
Database backup is now gzipped by default
Note field added to account
[-] Restore the option to auto-select the last category for account if Payee is not used
[-] Fix for incorrect Report by Period with split transfers

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