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Alphar DOOM v1
Requirements: Android:2.0 and up
Overview: DOOM on the go. Alphar DOOM is a port of the Doom engine specially optimized for Android devices.
https://lh5.gg.com/dHEcha1F67SN56XClk5wkRGWDciftvGehvF3GdIvjf1ByBAuaE iG0D-SK49Alh-0Aic9=w705
It supports booth Doom I and Doom II as well as other custom .WAD files.

With Alphar DOOM you can play the old school FPS classic on the go.

Both FreeDoom and FreeDM WAD files can be downloaded from within the app.

If you would like to add you custom Doom wad files, copy them to the /sdcard/doom folder.

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