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21-04-2012, 11:05 AM
Block Rogue v1.3
Requirements: Android 2.2
Overview: A massive, labyrinthine dungeon, hundreds of mind-bending puzzles, and a dark mystery waiting to be solved. Prepare yourself: Block Rogue is the biggest mobile puzzle adventure game ever made.
https://lh3.gg.com/D9xoQQvehop0DtmU2gGGblnuYxdP1wjYUSA3dcQ98Bl4gccN5f um0GiY8WVSTvv0Ug
Think you?re good at solving puzzles? I hope so, because little Ilbin really needs your help. He?s lost in this dungeon, you see, and seems to be suffering from a bit of memory loss. And the only things keeping him company are a bunch of talking mirrors, magic orbs, and a torn-up book of secrets.

Help Ilbin puzzle his way through, and we?ll figure out what?s up with this crazy dungeon!

- Winner of Microsoft-sponsored "Dr. Dobb's Challenge Deuce" competition
- Slide to Play says: "Sokoban has never been as addictive as it is in Block Rogue"
- Recipient of "The Gamers' Temple Award of Excellence"
- Featured as Edge magazine's "Friday Game"
- Featured in Cult of Mac's "Must-Have iOS Games of the Week"
- Featured in GameFront's "Notable Mobiles"

- Block Rogue is a puzzle game where each solution brings you one step closer to discovering the truth!
- Progress is automatically saved! Jump in and jump out at your leisure.
- Puzzle rooms are randomly-generated using ingenious and sinister algorithms for endless replay value!
- Mind-bending room configurations, from standard push-block puzzles to complex amalgamations of roller-balls, switches, death-rays, and more!
- Shockingly-deep lore with secret stories hidden throughout the game!

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