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11-05-2009, 02:12 PM

Advantages of "Switch off"
# Turn off the phone at a specified time
# If the specified time you use your phone, the program will wait, when you wait and shutdown, count time of inactivity
# If you turn the night to make phone calls, the program will disable it for the rest of the night.

It works on phones that are running on platforms Symbian s60v3 and s60v5. On my Nokia 5800, the program also works

The program turns off the phone at a specified time interval. Disabling only occurs after a specified period of user inactivity.

For example, if you turn off the start of the interval between 22:00 and 30 minutes of inactivity, when the time comes, the program will check that the user does not click more than half an hour, if so, the program will immediately switch off the phone at 22:00. If not, when the half-hour wait since the last key, and only then switch off the phone. After the end of the interval stop the program will not attempt to switch off the phone.

If you include in a time which falls in the interval, it is possible to work with him, and after a specified period of inactivity program of the phone is switched off as the screen saver.

If the period of inactivity is set to 0, the program will switch off the phone only at the beginning of the interval and will not be switched off inside the interval.

I would also like to do that would automatically switch the phone at a specified time, but I never found how to do this programmatically. Even at a forum Symbian developers have admitted to me that this no one knows. But if I learn how to do it, then be sure to add this functionality.

In the next version.
# Make the automatic inclusion
# Set the setting to disable a target day of the week.
# Do not switch off the phone during a call.
# While the memory is running the specified program, for example, the player does not switch off the phone

Change Log :
*On s60v3 disables the phone even if it is blocked.