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[Exozet Games] Catan The First Island 240X320 S60v3/5
Catan is the story of a newly discovered island. The only problem is, you have to try and become its ruler. At it's heart, Catan plays a lot like monopoly. You role dice (although you don't move), you build stuff and you trade a bit.As you get more resources you can build roads and more settlements and even upgrade them to cities. But it depends on the resources you have and here's where the trading element comes in. You can trade with the other AI players to make a deal for stuff you, and they, want. They may not accept though. Or, you can trade with the bank, which is more expensive in terms of resource, but guarantees you get what you want.

As each turn unfolds, you can trade and build and also buy development cards. These have a variety of uses like being able to build roads for free or moving the Robber. What's that pray tell? Well, if you roll a 7 you can move the robber icon and steal resources from your enemies. There is no battle in this game, but you can try and catch up to your opponents by refusing to trade or through the robber. You get victory points for having settlements, cities, the longest road and other specific requirements. The first player with 10 victory points wins.

The game is fun to play once you figure out what's going on. The main basis is trading with the AI or your friends, and it's great because you can have up to 4 players. There is a whole load of strategy involved and at first it will take you a while to get to grips with the basics. These are that you should try and have your settlements on strategic points and have free space to build roads. Once you get the hang of this you will have to start trading. Trading is good because you can get things cheaper than by going to the bank. There are also special ports that can increase your trading capabilties.
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