View Full Version : [Python] BigIcons S60v3 Patch Generator By CODeRUS

17-06-2009, 04:43 PM

BigIcons patch generator for Python v0.2
before applying patch after applying patch

1 Install
2 Go generate>Own file>Put your required dimensions
3 Patch created in E/Patches, apply it

NOTICE Always stop BigIcons.rmp patch (if enabled) before making new

Thanks for wadowice and Basil for patch, wook for python ideas

17-06-2009, 04:45 PM

*Icons Size: 90 60 11 6

The program BigIcons.exe produces a patch that makes big icons in menu.
1- To use it, transfer z:\sys\bin\xngridfactory.dll to your PC.
2- Run BigIcons.exe 105 70 22 12 xngridfactory.dll
3- This generates file BigIcons.rmp .Transfer to your phone and apply using ROMPatcher.
(NOTE: The file xngridfactory.patched.dll is useless.)

BigIcons.exe takes 5 variables:
width, height, positionX, positionY, filename

The icons are proportionated 3:2 so 105=70*3:2
If not, Menu will adjust them.

Normal: 75 50 0 0
Big: 105 70 22 12
Huge: 129 86 28 17

MUST WOKS WITH ALL PHONES [Maybe not in 5800 & N96]
Working in my N95-1 v30