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03-04-2010, 08:13 PM
Islamic Compass: Prayer Times & Athan Alarm 1.5.2 iPhone and iPod touch - AD





Thank you for the Top AppStore Rankings in ALL Muslim Countries worldwide!

* Worldwide Islamic prayer times calculation using the GPS positioning of the iPhone. (Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib,Isha)

* No settings needed and there are no restrictions to a list of cities.

* Very easy Qibla direction integrated in beautiful compass.(iPhone 3Gs only, other devices will support manual positioning)

* Unlimited and easy to use push notification alerts for all future prayers.

* Two different Athans (length is limited to 30 seconds because of push notification service).

* Automatic time format, time zone and date language detection.

* Date picker for all future prayer times to plan weeks in front.

* Unique scrollable prayer times interface. Slide the prayer times screen to browse through unlimited dates.

* Hijri Calendar

* Free updates and a dedicated team at your service.

* Multiple backgrounds and themes to personalise your preferences.

* Possibility to change the startup screen: either startup with the compass or with the prayer times screen.

* Seven most used calculation methods for the prayer times.

* Asr calculation methods.

* Possibility for manual prayer times adjustments.

Islamic Compass will find your GPS position automatically and without customizing any settings. It will point the compass towards Qibla and will calculate all daily and future prayers times. The easy-to-use Athan Alarm will be activated through the Push Notification service. Everything is customizable to your needs!

Here you will find some reviews from our Islamic Compass users:

***** Fantastic app
(by E|m|a|l|e on 06-Nov-2009)
The only reason I bought iPhone is this software. I have tried it in a lot of countries as I am frequant traveller and it was very useful in almost everywhere. Simply, a MUST for any frequant traveller.

***** ?ok faydalı
(by Mehkat007 on 30-Aug-2009)
Kusursuz kıble buluyor ?ok seyahat edenlere siddtle tavsiye ederim.DİKKAT 3g s ile calisiyor

***** البرنامج رائع
(by ابوعيد on 16-Dec-2009)
حملت البرنامج والحقيقة انه رائع بمعنى الكلمه ويعطي اتجاه القبله بدقة إنشاء الله مع ميزة توقيت الصلاة بالموقع الذي آنت فيه. يعني وقت الصلاة واتجاه القبله معك بجيب بأي مكان بحر - بر - جو ومن وجهة نظري يستحق المبلغ.

***** The best of all applications!
(by alalifa on 13-Nov-2009)
The best download I made since I bought my iPhone. My mother bought an iPhone after seeing it with me. Thank you for it.

***** My top 10 apps
(by Ronin66 on Jan 15 2010)
Amazing app. Great work. One of my top apps.

***** Superb app.
(by Muslim user on 15-Jan-2010)
This is a superb apps because it provide accurate prayer time with a compas show qibla. This is very handy apps where u are definitely know where is the qibla. Thank you

***** Nickel !!!
(by Abu'Imran on 15 janv. 2010)
Cette application marche tr?s bien, elle offre beaucoup de param?tres. Avis aux d?veloppeurs : pourquoi ne rajouter un calendrier des f?tes musulmanes. Barak Allahou fikoum !

***** Every Muslim should have it
(by Micanada on 14-Sep-2009)
The best app ever, masha Allah

...and many more!!

Thank you!!!
Jazzakoum Allah Khyran What's new

Salam! Thank you for updating. We keep working on Islamic Compass for our ever growing community.

This release enables the possibility to continue playing iPod music when opening the app. You can also manage and disable alert messages, like the 'enable prayer times popup'.

We are making an Arabic version of Islamic Compass and an Islamic events calendar in our next update.

Jazakallah Khair!