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13-04-2010, 05:52 PM
Spots ? The WiFi Hotspot Directory 1.12 iPhone and iPod touch - AD

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Spots is a fast and beautiful hotspot directory containing half a million hotspots worldwide.

NOTE: Since Spots works offline, you can find hotspots from the included database. Spots does not use Wi-Fi to scan for nearest access points, nor does it contact any web services.

Spots locates the hotspots at your current position. It offers the results you are looking for immediately because all hotspots are stored on your device. There is no waiting while your iPhone connects to a website. Spots can help you to reduce your roaming costs when traveling and it is the perfect companion for your iPod Touch, too.

Spots currently contains the following providers:
✔ Free US locations: 18,000
✔ T-Mobile: 12,500
✔ AT&T (US): 18,000
✔ BT Openzone (UK, IR): 3,200
✔ The Cloud (mostly UK): 5,800
✔ free-hotspot.com (Europe): 4,000
[email protected] (Singapur): 1.300
✔ Bell Canada: 800
✔ Rogers Wireless (Canada): 370
✔ Telus (Canada): 150
✔ KPN (NL): 1.000
✔ Orange (FR): 11.000
✔ Meteor Networks (FR): 350
✔ Telia (SE): 1.600
✔ Swisscom (CH): 1.100
✔ Monzoon Networks (CH): 550
✔ Telenet (BE): 1.100
✔ PT Wi-Fi (PT): 900
✔ Wippies (Scandinavia): 30,000
✔ FON (worldwide): 540,000

The integrated map tells you where the next hotspots are. You can navigate the map freely or use the search function to find hotspots around the world with ease. Hotspot details such as address, contact information and links to google maps help you to choose a hotspot.

Spots is updated at regular intervals to provide you with the latest hotspot database once or twice a month.
The street map can only be used online and requires iPhone OS 3.0.