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21-05-2010, 08:01 PM

Setting Profiles Full v1.0.16
Requirements: Android
Overview: Activate/kill multiple settings profiles, automatically & manually

* Maintain settings profiles
* Manually activate profile permanently or temporarily
* Multiple profile capable
* Automatically activate profiles based on battery conditions, locale, or rules
* Automatically start programs or tasks
* Manage wireless communications and display to save battery and increase power life
* Control volume for media, mp3, notifications, and phone ringer
* Set ringtones, touchtones and vibrate
* Autopilot Airplane mode, Toggle Network, Wifi, Ringer, Bluetooth, Brightness, Silent, Screen Timeout
* Conditions for Time, Day, Location GPS, Battery, Calendar, Incoming Call, Missed Call, Headset
* Convenient 1x1 home widget
* Notification Bar
* Activate/kill multiple settings profiles
* Autorun programs
* Toggle on/off ringer, ringtones, sounds, Autopilot Airplane mode, Network, Wifi, Bluetooth
* Conditions for Time, Day, GPS locale, Battery, Calendar, Calls, Headset, Car/Desk Dock, BT device
- see website for changelog
- reboot after upgrad