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25-05-2010, 02:39 PM

SetCPU for Root Users v1.5.4
Requirements: Android
Overview: SetCPU changes the CPU clock (overclock, underclock, or tweak speeds) on your rooted G1, ADP1, Magic, Nexus, or Droid to increase performance or save battery.


Top left number is a current reading after a refresh. Top right shows bounds.

Droid 800MHz+: choose autodetect for device. Get a DroidMod custom ROM.

* Switched to the Android 2.2 SDK.
* Enabled external storage support (install location is automatic).
* Eliminated the distinction between the active and passive widgets, and replaced it with an appwidget configuration activity for the widget, allowing the user to choose the color of the max/min text, temperature display, temperature sensor (Droid), and refresh interval.
* Optimized the active widget refreshing.
* SetCPU will now hide non-autodetect frequencies by default on devices where autodetect is available, but hard coded frequencies and the custom option can be re-enabled with a button.
* Custom frequency list can now read from this exact file: /data/local/setcpu (in addition to the previous setcpu.txt on SD fat or ext).
* Includes various bug fixes and minor UI changes.

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Password: ubd