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03-06-2010, 02:56 PM

LauncherPro Beta v0.4.1 (freeware)
Requirements: Android
Overview: Based on the stock Android Launcher (Home app), LauncherPro adds some new and exciting features:

- Super-smooth scrolling between home screens
- Animated screen previews (like Expos? or HTC Sense)
- Up to 7 home screens
- App drawer with a fly-in effect and smooth scrolling
- Shortcuts to phone, SMS, contacts and browser.

Bug fix on LauncherPro v0.4.1
Just a bug fix update, the ?Hide Icon Labels? option wasn?t working on v0.4.0. Please update to v0.4.1.

A new LauncherPro Beta version (0.4.0) has been released.
Here?s what?s new:
Performance improvements
Tweaked some settings to keep LauncherPro from being touched by most Task Killers. This should solve a lot of force close problems some people had with 0.3.0.
Added a few tweaks which may solve force close issues that some people have been having with some widgets. I can?t seem to get any force closes no matter how many widgets I add, remove, and move, so I cannot test whether these tweaks actually solve these issues.
Increased the speed of the animation when opening the app drawer just a little bit. Soon you?ll be able to customize the speed to your liking
Fixed the bug where rotating the phone while the app drawer was open would close the drawer.
Added option to hide status/notification bar. When it?s hidden, you can bring it up from the menu.
Added option to hide/show the home button on the app drawer. This gives you a cleaner look and more icons on the screen. You can press the back button on your phone to exit it.
Added option to hide icon labels on home screens.
New ?Drop to Uninstall? feature. Simply drag an app over to the trash can and hold it there for two seconds, you?ll see a ?Drop to uninstall? message pop up.
Added ability to remove/hide dock shortcuts. Long-press on the shortcut that you want to remove and select ?Blank?. If you want to bring it back, long press on the area where the shortcut was and set a new shortcut
New dock icon customization options. When you set a dock shortcut, you?ll now get a popup with three options. Default icon to use the application?s default icon. LauncherPro icons to choose from one of the LauncherPro-style (translucent) icons. Custom icon lets you choose any image from your gallery to use as an icon.
LauncherPro-style icons for: phone, contacts, messaging, browser, email, gmail, market, talk, and music. More icons coming soon.
Added missing highlights (when focused or pressed) to non-LauncherPro dock shortcuts

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