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25-06-2010, 06:35 AM
Exchange By TouchDown v6.0.0031

Version 6.0.0031 (22/062010)

Change List The following are some of the notable changes in this version
Enhanced Kill Code with the option of setting a phone number to send a confirmation SMS if/when the remote wipe is performed. Also requires you to enter the exchange password to set/change these items. If you dont enter the password right, you will have to exit settings and re enter settings to be able to try again. This is to prevent users trying to guess the password
Fixed issue where replying/forwarding emails in exchange 2003 activesync was not marking original email as replied. Side effect is that replies and forwards will do so in text mode. To disable the behavior, turn ON "Disable SmartForwards and SmartReplies" in the advanced tab
Fixed month/week view headers when using custom week view
in the last tab of settings, click Remote Kill button and set a Kill Code (e.g.: KILLME123), which will then enable you to wipe the touchdown data from the device remotely by sending yourself an email (from any email account) with the subject TDKILL: (as in ""TDKILL:KILLME123"" no need for quotes) - Dont ever tell your friends the code, or they will be able to wipe your TD data. Note that this will work in exchange 2003 and 2007 modes as well as activesync, but if you have polling turned on, this will wipe the data whenever the kill message is received (at the next sync)"
fix for some frequent wait/force close messages which users have observed while syncing
additional fields like Spouse, Manager, Assistant, Birthday, Anniversary, Dept, Office Location are now editable (activesync only) by pressing the More Fields button when editing a contact
Improves performance when opening appointments with large number of attendees
Fixed Bug which caused the "Appointment alerts during non-peak" setting to be not sticky
When moving between days on week and day view, tries to preserve scroll position
Fix for Pure Calendar widget losing connection with touchdown
Now supports attachments even though SD card encryption policy is enforced.
Fix for Froyo notification colors
Potential fix for provisioning failure against Zimbra
Better layout on quick configuration screen
Applies normalization (if selected) of phone numbers when dialing out from contact
Fixes Issue in searching emails where sender information was missing in results
Email view now shows only 3 lines of header information
Fixed to work on Froyo, displays emails properly, fetches calendar properly
Fixed issue on Froyo for contact photos not being downloaded
If you have CamCard professional installed, in contact list view, you can select Menu/More/Capture Card
Calendar now defaults to light theme
Calendar fix for missing calendar items when large download history is specified
Calendar fix for some recurring items ocurring monthly not being showed properly
Fixed issue where download remaining option was not displayed for partially downloaded email
Fixed issue where on exchange 2007, max download size was not honored
New option in email options for reversing position of sender and subject in email list view
Check box selector in email list changed to check mark
Thinner email list rows
Email list row fonts made smaller, second line made gray
Rendering of read/unread not diferentiated by colors anymore, neither are important emails highlighted in red
When searching for emails, check box selections still available
Clicking search button on email list pops up soft keyboard
Email list view header changed to show folder selector as a button
Buttons and menu items disabled/hidden when account is not yet configured, specific buttons for initial configuration
Push indicator changed to light bulb, enabling and Disabling push is now a menu option
Smaller font (and grayed second line) on home screen
Home screen task list will show only tasks which are incomplete, but with due dates
Slightly taller buttons on main screen
Potential fix for frequent force-closes and higher performance for some operations
Fixed highlighting for phone numbers with a . in them
Fixed text wrap issues in quick configuration
Support for editing ocurrences in recurring items