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17-07-2010, 11:25 PM
Karnival for iPad 2.0.1

Category: Games
Jul 17, 2010
Version: 2.0.1
61.3 MB
Seller: Bitwise Design, Inc.

? (c) 2010 Bitwise Design, Inc., All Rights Reserved

LANGUAGES: English, French, Spanish

REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.



Welcome to the Karnival! 

Born with the arm of a goat, you?ve always been labeled a freak. Realizing you need to view your curse as a gift you decide to start your own Karnival. Traveling across the land, you gain the loyalty and trust of other ?freaks? and together, you bring thrills, wonders, and tasty treats to entertainment-starved towns. 

Game Features:

* Tycoon style gameplay ? manage your rides, freaks, shops, and games

* Hi-resolution graphics designed specifically for the iPad!

* Handle ticket and vending prices, # of tickets per ride, salaries and maintenance

* Earn and spend fortune and karma in your quest for fame

* Design your Karnival layout in multiple environments across 15 towns and 20 unique maps

* 5 classic carnival mini-games including tarot card readings, cola ring toss and balloon pop

* 30 unique rides, shops and freaks including the thrilling Spiral Coaster, tasty Candy Yum Yums, and The Human Bug: Arack the Eight-Legged
* Ride your rides!
* Custom and unique soundtrack tailored for a Karnival environment.
* Numerous leaderboards and tons of achievements using OpenFeint

Game Tips:

* Pinch and zoom for different perspectives on your Karnival

* Select your own playlist for your freaks and guests to enjoy by tapping on the phonograph

* Vadoma gives you a free tarot card reading daily which may offer boons or curses

* See where you rank on the worldwide fame leader board 

* How you set up your Karnival matters ? some attractions? influence extend further than others

* Anything unlocked in Career play becomes available in Sandbox play

* Attraction attributes are mystique, fun, scare, and thrill 

* Double-tap for the fireworks show!

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What's new in Version 2.0.1
- Fixed the condition that kept you from being able to reset your career and sandbox.
- Major fix for random crashing due to guest movement issue