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19-07-2010, 05:42 PM
Moonlight Mahjong 1.2


Mahjong Solitaire in virtual reality 3D, designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch... and now the iPad!

Simple and intuitive touch gestures allow you to tilt and turn, zoom in and out in virtual reality, allowing you to more easily see the tiles on the board. The controls just get out of your way until you're ready to use them. The app launches quickly and always remembers your place in the game - allowing you to pick it up and play anytime, whether for a few seconds or a few hours. And because it is truly three dimensional, Moonlight Mahjong allows you to play elaborate (and fun) tile layouts that other "flat" versions of Mahjong Solitaire simply can't handle.

Relax, as there are no time limits (unless you want them). Just sweep around the board using one- or two- finger motions, and touch matching tiles to lift them away. Each board has a solution, but to find it requires both skill and an element of luck.

Moonlight Mahjong was honored as a "Best Board Game" on the App Store, and was in the original Best 100 Apps and Games on iLounge.com. In addition to being a relaxing game, it's a great way to show other people what the iPhone can do.


- 90 built-in board layouts (no messing around with in-app purchases), with many more layouts created by our clever users available online for free.

- Fun three-dimensional, gravity-defying layouts that other "flat" variations of Mahjong Solitaire can't display.

- Select a built-in background, or choose an image from your photo library.

- Alternate tile sets: Alphabet, Flags, Night Tiles.

- Compete against other players over a home Wi-Fi network.

- Compete against an automated opponent "Robo-Player."

- Fast-paced "Scramble" mode, where the player who gets the most tiles wins.

- Realtime lighting effects.

- Built-in layout editor.

Find many free user-submitted layouts at http://moonlightmahjong.blogspot.com. PLEASE NOTE: To play these layouts, you must have the full version of Moonlight Mahjong installed, and you must be looking at the page in Safari on your iPhone and iPod Touch.