View Full Version : Nokia N79 RM-348 EUROPE 30.019 v6.0.exe

31-07-2009, 10:13 PM
RM-348 Phone Data Package EUROPE v6.0
Creation date: Thu Jun 18 18:20:21 2009
Size:172 MB
Important notes
*NOTE Please see the requirements below.

**NOTE We recommend the removal of previous RM-348 data package
Otherwise some old images are shown in SW update (for those that don't have
new versions in this distribution)

***NOTE /!\Phoenix must be closed when installing this Data Package.

- Phoenix Internal Service Software 2007.7.1.261 (or newer)
- At least 40Mb of SRAM required in the FPS8-prommer!
- Flash Update package PRD
- FPS8 or FPS10 prommer or USB cable (DKU-2) for USB flashing