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29-07-2010, 03:59 PM
V2 Fifa World Cup edition

Thanks to all the DM members,modders & Developers.

Change Log

Deliveery report on

Media player volume set to 10 by default

Internet Browser cache increase form 4MB to 8mb

Backlight timeout 30 sec

camera shutter sound disabled in silent profile

System cache on C:

Gallery search mod

widgets access and security policy Mod

Improve Kinetic scroll

ks disabled in small list

Install server and Open 4 all Enabled by default

Glide effects

Send sis and jar file from file managaer

Default wallpaper fifa world cup

Default ringtone changed to fifa 2010[waving flag]

Default theme changed to Horizon_black

Bluetooth name changed to FiF@ 2o1o

Vodafone,Orange and Satio hs are now transparent

Click here to download From Mediafire (http://www.mediafire.com/?zzmzmm5dyz0)


v1.1 With 7 hs and Vivaz conversation

Give all credits to galabuon who made voda and orange works in v50 & And liliantungary as she separate vodafone orange to be put in CFW and pirate_killer and all those who helped me make this firmware

Added voice recorder mods

Changed the startup animation

default call volume set to 10 and 7 for loudspeaker

brightness 40% and timeout after 30sec by default

browser resume download mod

and made some minor mod

Default hs is Vodafone

81.6mb of free space on c:

62mb free ram

pls note u need to change the settings of the voice recorder to stndard or else u wont be able to record a call

Hard Reset after Flashing--otherwise it will conflict with the navigation bar

V1.1 Mediafire link v1.1.rar (http://www.mediafire.com/?3mewmngmtha)


v1 cfw with vivaz conversation by me

Vivaz conversation added (thread SMS). Just take a look at your inbox.

v50 Xtreme Menu

Browser chache changed to e: (v50 chace mod)

Chace size incresed

Improved cahching on all drives

Heap size increased mod

Music player searches for e:\music

Application policy mod added (install all applications without installserver patch)

Effects changed to speed2 by joker with gallery effects

Default Bluetooth folder changed to E:\Received\ (Not Tested)

Widget security warnings disabled

OVI contacts disabled

FOTA reservation disabled in order to gain 5mb of additional free space

java permission mod

Camera mute mod

Camera ram mod

Touch Vibration level 1 reduced

Removed all help file

Disabled unnecessary startup processes

SecureWidgetpreinstaller disabled, phone will be much faster on first boot.

Busy cirle changed

No vibration during lock unlock

Default call volume increased

Sensor mod

UI acceleration

Rotate browser to landscape even when the sensor settings are off

Changed startup animation

Auto folders creation on memory card

Font changed

Many other small adjustments like Nokia sms disabled and much more


-Finger use (Omnia - 8 icons)

-Basic (Omnia - 4 icons)

-Full Page (6 icons)

-Navigation (Satio)

-Contacts bar


Firebird 1.9


RomPatcher (with pathches automatically copied to E:\Patches)



VIVAZ conversation (work fine)


V1.RAR (http://www.2shared.com/file/Jt6qw_M1/v1_online.html)

V1.1.RAR (http://www.2shared.com/file/arYFwTQv/v11.html)

V2 WORLD_CUP.RAR (http://www.2shared.com/file/J51NqUmK/v2_World_cup.html)