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05-08-2010, 02:47 PM
GObrowser v1.6.0 Beta4 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x signed {Mega functional browser: World Cup,weather, horoscope,videos, games, news... etc} [China]

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updated Function list:
1 increases. Additional plug-Sina microblogging.
2. Bridegroom micro-Bo and cloth combined Rights to send three photos plug-ins support.
3. Camera features to increase effects of nostalgia, and can shoot a story chain.

Performance Optimization
1. Solve some of the existing models such as the N78 out of setting the interface to return home slow.
2. Optimization UI display mechanism to address the power aspects of bug, reduced power consumption levels, reduce the heat.
3. To reduce the type of installation package, fit more of the platform.

Function Improvement
1. Solving encountered in some areas to open the www page traffic cmwap bigger problem.
2. Resolved through the transit server access wap site of UA recognition.
3. Copy the text, automatically pop up a menu, menu item is "SMS", "micro-Bo", "everyone", the user through the menu item directly to the copy and paste the text released through these channels out. The "micro-Bo" can then select the "muttering", "Sina", "cloth friends."
4. When no signal or not set the access point, access point selection is no longer a continuous pop-up dialog box, and caused abnormal exit.
5. To provide users a means to identify less than the machine model, you can manually specify the keyboard type.
6. Solve some sites identified as N95 mobile phone is the problem.
7. To resolve E71, E63 and other full keyboard phone number key button features the wrong question.
8. On the home page enter the URL and search, automatically opens a new window.
9. Blank page can click on the activation of the input box enter the URL.
10. Microblogging content can identify the link, and you can click.

Problem solving Page
1. To solve whispered phone network http://m.digu.com/ issued photo muttering unsuccessful problem.
2. To resolve directly with mode mobile phone 163 QQ-mail and reply to e-mail mailbox, write e-mail question.
3. Solve the Yahoo mobile mail download an attachment, the program quits unexpectedly problem.
4. Resolve to http://m.cnbeta.com/ open the show represented a group of code or garbled site problems.
5. Optimizing pages of text continuously displayed line breaks rules, more intelligent, more attractive layout.
6. Support Sina microblogging site features, layout appearance.
7. Solve Baidu Bar Sign Click the link would not join.
8. Resolve QQ space (non-streamlined version of the page) to comment on the issue requires authentication code.

Problem solving UI
1. Zoom mode can not work to solve the problem.
2. Resolved to open a larger picture of failure, especially in all plug-in, plug in the various micro-Bo the situation. There is also to avoid these images and more interface, GO out of the question is sometimes unusual.
3. Solve some of the soft network page as something precious pictures and text are overlapping the bottom of the problem.
4. To resolve application interface screen to switch easily if they had abnormal exit problem.
5. To solve hair muttering interface screen anyway to switch the content has been prepared after the issue of loss.
6. Resolve to keep up with off-line display the contents of the line too close to the problem.

Update UI interface
1. Blank history, bookmarks, download interface and increase the blank image blank window signs.
2. The new football broadcast room interface.
3. To increase weather city Hubei.
4. Change some UI interface elements, so that the interface is more attractive, suggesting that more reasonable.
5. Pop-up message box according to the length of the text display smart regulation time, longer text messages appear longer.

3G GObrowser v1.6.0 Beta4 S60v3
Download file (http://ul.to/8f64tn/GOv.1_.6.0_BETA4.zip)from Uploaded.to

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bro extreamly need eng version. :(
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