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25-08-2010, 08:56 PM
Knight Defense 1.0 iPhone and iPod touch


Knight Defense combines action and strategy in a dynamic re-imagining of the tower defense genre. It's bold, intelligent, challenging & fun.

Think tower defense + glow graphics + lots of explosions + chess pieces.

- Defeat all waves of enemies without losing your King.
- Your pieces fire at enemies in distinct patterns reminiscent of chess pieces. Each time a piece fires in a particular direction there is a short delay before it can fire again in that direction.
- If an enemy hits one of your pieces it explodes and damages that piece (and sometimes the pieces around it).
- Combos: destroy multiple enemies at once to greatly increase your score.
- Each of your pieces can be upgraded 7 times, increasing health and attack, as well as healing the piece back to full health and allowing it to fire immediately in all available directions.
- Each piece has a unique special ability with a cooldown before it can be used again. Eg. making nearby pieces fire twice as fast or healing nearby pieces.
- Enemies vary in health, speed and attack power.
- Enemies home towards your King, so where you position him determines their movement.
- Pieces can protect each other, reducing the damage they take.

- Move and upgrade your forces in real-time to defeat the waves of enemies determined to destroy your king.
- Each level is a hand-crafted scenario with many different ways to win.
- The levels are divided into easy, medium and hard difficulties. Can you beat the hard levels?
- Unlock achievements and rocket to the top of the global leader boards with OpenFeint!
- Free updates to come - more levels and achievements.
- Resume exactly where you left off when you restart the app.

Enjoy the game!