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27-08-2010, 10:46 AM

Hi guys this is my 12 th cfw for our nokia 5800. but now this cooked firmware is made on Nokia C6 firmware !!! so tons of new stuffs you can find in this firmware by default, like the new improved superb gallery, and the music player, new flash lite, new browser, widgetised homescreen, new matrix menu, etc... flash my cfw whose base has been improved a lo, and see !!! Smiley Thanks Smiley


Important change indicated with "**"

Application Policy:
1. Install 100% applications by default with out any need of patches
2. Send sis, sisx, jar, wgz files by default file manager
3. java application policy set to default for system access protection from appz

Personalisation Mods:
4. Bluetooth Name set to "Nokia C6 XpressTech"
5. Startup image set to"Nokia 3d Earth"
6. Shutdown image default
7. ringtone set to nokia remix
8. sms tone set to excuse me boss u have a new text message"
9. my new modded matrix menu"XpressMenu" with folders organised. **
10. you can have both 4x3 default and 7x4 menu too. [both menu files in z data folder with small instruction Smiley ] **
11. Spinslide theme effect
12. Enabled rotation effect , dont forget to switch on theme effects !!! **
13. Default Nokia theme , change to her theme which is there in rom by default immidiately
14. c6 menu circle
15.Brightness 100% default
16. Default font

17.camera optimised level
18. No capturing sound if warning tone off or if set to sound 4

Music Player & Voice Recording:
19. Voice recording Set to 12 hrs / 720 minutes **
20. Music player scans very fast
21. Reads music from
- c: data\\ sounds folder
- e: sounds
- e: music

System performance mod:
22. Caching Optimised
23. FOTA space of 5 MB is deleted from phone memory
24. Call volume in internal speaker and loudspeaker is set to high by default
25. Ram optimised
26. key light during charging in c6 problem solved by disabling them in rom **

27. Default sent sms is set to 999
28. sms sending is disabled by default

Applications Integrated [All light ram consuming applications only] **
-Nokia custom dictionary
-Rom patcher with autostart of "open4all" patch
-quick redial
-touch restart
-kill me
-bt switch
-bt receiver
-sis editor
-file browser new
-bat uninstaller

IMPORTANT NOTE: delete private sys resource and system folders from memory card befor flashing and after flashing immidiately set theme to s60 hero which is already in z rom to enjoy my cfw much better and visually pleasing

DOWNLOAD (http://www.mediafire.com/?cu327zrnsxtsr38)