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27-08-2010, 01:45 PM
Caligo Chaser v1.0.4
Requirements: Android
Overview: Beat'em up style slash and dash action arcade game at your finger tips!

https://lh4.gg.com/VLmYVSZiSzWQyudatlM7dAkU5GJkXpBIMi2PZ7UAUECO8aLAUv 0fbOQS2KJbULYnF-Ls=h900

Caligo Chaser is a crossover action arcade game which revolves around the story of Zack, a Private Knight, solving the dark mystery that treatens Emporion. Save the city by enchanting and strengthening over 300 items, weapons, and armors combined with 27 upgradable skills!

- Upgradable Skills - Up to 135 different skill upgrades combinations with 7 unique attack skills and 20 passive skills
- Customizable Character - Change the look of your character when you equip different armor and weapons
- Missions - Beat your own score for each of the multiple missions
- Tons of Items - Over 300 different types of items to customize your character

v1.0.4 minor update

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