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24-08-2009, 07:05 PM
<b><i><font size="6"><font color="DeepSkyBlue">Expansion / replacement of the standard symbol table</font></font></i></b><br />
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The author of the patch: molosar. <br />
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<b>Expansion / replacement of the standard symbol table.<br />
For all manipulations needed full access to the file system *, MobilHex, Symbol Paster and X-plore.<br />
Run x-plore. In the settings should be ticking on the &quot;Show ROM drives.&quot; Copy a file from a folder Avkon.r01 z: / resource / (if you do not use the English language on the smartphone, look for the file, which is responsible for the correct localization) in the folder c: / resource /.<br />
We go through MobilHex <br />
<img src="http://i25.tinypic.com/2928v9e.jpg" border="0" alt="" /><br />
. Push 5 .. <br />
Find the line that can see a set of different characters (lines 204.1, 204.2) <br />
<img src="http://i27.tinypic.com/2rqzk7s.jpg" border="0" alt="" />.<br />
Clicks on them, and opens a window of symbols,<br />
<img src="http://i32.tinypic.com/2w6uno9.jpg" border="0" alt="" /><br />
here the characters change places (in the window for input), or add your own, once added click OK, <br />
and then left soft key, and again OK <br />
<img src="http://i31.tinypic.com/1sblo2.jpg" border="0" alt="" /><br />
,and quit the program.<br />
Additional spets.simvoly you can take in the Symbol Paster.<br />
If the characters more than the places in the table - create new page table simvlov. (Total can add 62 characters)<br />
Note: the last character - a space and the transition to a new paragraph!<br />
<br />
We put a patch More symbols in autostart. Reboots the smartphone. And we have additional spets.simvoly <img src="http://i31.tinypic.com/29belxd.jpg" border="0" alt="" /><br />
To remove, you need to change the language of your phone to another, delete the file and can include avkon.r01 English language.<br />
<br />
A patch More symbols:<br />
The patch brings Avkon.r ** files on drive C: /<br />
Tested on N82 , and E50, but only theoretically should work on the majority of smart.<br />
<br />
It is recommended not to use the files Avkon.r16, Avkon.r01 etc. from other smartphones, or even the firmware, it can lead to serious consequences.<br />
<br />
If onredaktirovannym Avkon.r16 characters nepoyavlyayutsya, then reboots a smart couple. </b><br />
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*** More_symbols ***

; Author: Molosar
; Date: 2009.08.10
; Avkon.r** on C
; Firmware: tested on N82 v 31.0.01
SnR:sys\bin\avkon.dll:7A003A005C007200650073006F00 75007200630065005C00610076006B006F006E002E00720000 0045F8:63003A005C007200650073006F00750072006300650 05C00610076006B006F006E002E007200000045F8

29-08-2009, 02:29 AM
it wont work on my 5320 express music...
i cant find any avkon.r** on my c drive.

on drive Z , i also cant open the avkon.r** with my x-plor