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08-09-2009, 04:05 AM
Resco Photoviewer Alpha 2
Requirements: WM5-WM6.1
Overview: For everyone that desperately awaits the release of the new version of the Photo Viewer, we have prepared an Alfa version.
This version was not tested properly so far, so some crucial bugs might appear but even though this version seems to be pretty stable in normal use.
Of course not all features are implemented so far but the most prior functions are.
We will appretiate some bug reports if you will encounter some, but please don't be too critical, it is only an Alfa version after all


What was added to this release:
- Options dialog:
* Start In Folder
* Auto-Hide Scroller
* Auto-Hide Tools
* Document Mode (for comics and fax reading)
* Send\Upload Settings (preddefined send size and..
* Associate All Formats_l
* View Mode (Details, Icons, Icons + Names, Icons + Details)
- Upload to Picassa
- Add GPS Position
- Edit Mode in view
- contrast and gamma
- delete image
- edit notes
- bug with transparent image background in properties fixed
- Upload to Picasa
You can download the installation files from here:
For details please visit the official thread:
Download Instructions: