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08-09-2009, 04:20 AM
Inesoft Phone (Address Book) v5.02 buil 2009.07.14
Overview:Inesoft Phone 5 is a diverse range of applications designed to help you quickly and easily manage and make the most of your Windows Mobile cell phone. Some of its innovative features include Caller ID, History, Favorites, Caller ID, Profiler and Contacts tabs.
By combining an innovatively-designed layout with creative, practical functions, Inesoft's Phone 5 truly speeds up and facilitates everyday operations on Windows Mobile cell phones.
What's included?
* Full-feature Dialer with big, one-touch buttons;
* Full-screen photos of incoming callers;
* Convenient, comprehensive Address Book;
* Custom ringtones for calls and SMSs;
* Detailed call and SMS history;
* One-touch Favorites list;
* Timetable-activated profiles;
* Volume, WiFi, GPRS and backlight control.
* Efficient, thorough Search function;
* Call filtering;
* False screen-click guard;
* High resolution contact photos;
* Full MS Outlook compatibility;
* Dual-SIM phone support (coming soon);
* And more than ninety other improvements
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