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27-09-2010, 06:33 PM
Hungry Rat 1.0 iPhone and iPod touch


A hungry mouse leave its home to find cheese, it encounters many difficulties on the way. Sometimes it may lost its life because of the bomb, and sometimes it has to jump hard to go to the destination. Are you willing to use your finger to help the little mouse to get back home?

Instructions for players:
1. The game has 36 levels, each level has different difficulties. The upper levels are much harder to finish.
2. You can use your finger to draw or delete the path for the mouse.
3. The mouse has to eat all the cheese to get back home and get to the upper levels.
4. The mouse has to get away from the bomb; otherwise, it may lost its life.
5. Sometimes the mouse has to jump hard to finish the target.
6. If you familiar with the delete function, it would be easier to play the game.