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29-09-2009, 07:38 AM
MPlayer WinCE 0.2
here is the latest MPLAYER for windows mobile it will run on almost all device


Instructions :
Install mplayer.cab and click on mplayer icon. Use joystick for menu navigation
It support all codecs and you can customize it easily by editing :
menu.conf for Menu Items
input.conf for key encodings
codecs.conf for codec related things
1. While playing it is not possible to hide mplayer window [SDL issue]
2. No UNICODE support. Support is not in cegcc so I am not able to do anything right now may be i will modify cegcc later.
In progrss:
1.real file support [90% done]
2.Directx support [50% done , if you want use directx edit config file and replace vo=sdl to vo=directx:noaccel and fs=1
3.wma support [100% forgot to include in this release will add in next build
Note : all config files are in \My Documents\mplayer\ folder
1. If you face any problem please send log.txt file from \Storage Card\ folder

New Version [mplayer 0.2]
Issue Fixed in 0.2
1) fixed sleep with SDL
2) fixed issue when installed at unicode path.
Download :