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20-10-2010, 04:41 AM
Tilteroids 1.3


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"Tilteroids is a simple idea done well. It's easy to replay and the challenge does slowly ramp up as accumulated damage becomes harder to avoid. ...a great little casual experience."
- Andrew Nesvadba, AppSpy

"The graphics and sound are decent. The controls work well, ... the gameplay is kinda fun. It?s simple like munching power pellets in 1982."
- Jason Johnston, TouchGen


A uniquely physics based asteroids game.

- Collisions of objects accurately obey the laws of physics allowing the player to interact realistically with the environment. For example, debris from exploding enemy ships correctly bounce off asteroids, mines, etc. Refugees are constructed using a properly constrained "rag doll" model providing many entertaining interactions with the tractor beam and other objects.

- To maneuver the ship the player tilts the iPhone/iPod which applies an acceleration to the ship proportional to the angle of tilt. This simulates flying the ship using thrusters. Inertial damping is provided to simplify control.

- Accurate spatial sound effects add to the realism. Explosion volumes are proportional to distance and correctly positioned in the 3D field. Object velocity is incorporated to yield correct doppler shifting of sound pitch.

- Simple taps unleash your weapons or engage the tractor beam to save refugees and swing mines clear of the space station.

- High quality 3D models and animation effects.

- Listen to music from your library while you play, or just enjoy the excellent spatial sound effects.

- Random elements ensure each game is a unique experience.

- Novice and Experienced difficulty levels.

- Global leaderboards and achievements are available via OpenFeint allowing you to compare your scores worldwide.

- Breathtaking backgrounds from the Hubble Space Telescope.


From the icy blackness of space hostile alien forces unleash unimagined terror upon a peaceful settlement, completely destroying their planet. Once orbiting the planet, your space station is all that remains of humanity in this part of the galaxy. It falls to you to defend this lone outpost against the onslaught of asteroids and the enemy fighters bent on your extermination.

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A classic game updated for an exceptional device.
What's new in Version 1.3
- iOS 4.1 tested
- Updated for Retina display!
- Game Center enabled
- Updated, high-resolution, dynamic background images
- Improved 3D models
- Added volume control for sound effects