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22-10-2010, 06:48 PM
TotemHeadz 1.109


**** Special introductory price in effect! ****

"Action-packed combat system"
"Manic gameplay"
"A visual treat"
"An explosive portrayal of Totemic warfare"

-- TouchArcade.com

Youtube.com: "TotemHeadz"


== == == == == ==

Tired of playing slow and boring war games with creatures that don't even have a spine?

Us too!

Gone are the days of slow turn-based gameplay. It's time for realtime combat!

It's time to step up and become real a warrior, so join the mayhem by commanding a REAL TotemHead! Just how cool is that??

TotemHeadz is a realtime Side-Person-Shooter with plenty of action where your shooting and ducking skills are more important than the weapons themselves.

Can you handle the challenge and dominate all levels?

== Storyline ==

Totems Heads are not poets and clearly don't care much for complex plots: one morning, a TotemHead woke up and decided it was as good day to lob heavy artillery on its buddies. And so did all the others.

== Features ==

* Fun tutorial to learn the weapons and interaction model.

* Explosive weapons! Grenades, mines and the old trusty mortar are your friends. There's even a teleporter to move you to strategic positions or to quickly get out of tight spots!

* 15 themed levels to choose from, with animated backgrounds and destructible terrain! Fight in the forest, on an iceberg, a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland, at summer camp, on TotemTanic, even in space!

* User-tweakable gameplay such as wind, gravity, and opponent difficulty.

What's new

Added the tutorial level to the Skirmish mode, just as it was with the Campaign mode.

Optimized the sound files.