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01-10-2009, 08:26 PM

New release - new improvements to the setup:

- Phoenix is now preconfigured to use USB connection,
- Setup asks for uninstallation of all the remaining drivers and runtimes (previously they were kept in case they were in use by other programs),
- Setup size reduced by 15 MB (yay!),

Happy downloading and using

Original Release Information:

Published : 14/07/2009

-DK2 Dongle Driver v
-Nokia Connectivity Cable USB Driver v (for Win2000 driver version
-Flash Update Package
-FLS-x Dongle Driver v 2.09.28
-FPS-11 version 5.10.0

Changes/improvements made from previous version 2009.12.7.38366

New products supported:
-RM-540, RM-590, RM-591, RM-572, RM-586, RM-541, RM-536, RM-535, RM-537, RM-570, RM-531, RM-558, RM-555, RM-553, RM-600, RM-497, RM-599, RM-573, RM-504, RM-455

Product support removed:
-RM-568, RM-562, RM-563

Error corrections & changes:
-New FLS-x Drivers improving FLS-5 stability
-Flash Update Package
-Menu changes:
-Product Verification removed from Product – menu
-Layout of Firmware Update / Options UI in Flashing – menu update
-Display Tune for S60 products removed from Tuning – menu
-PPC / FaultLog Archive & Send removed from Tools – menu
-Following obsolete Licence Automation – related menu items removed. Due to this change only Tucson system with related Phoenix menu items can be used for restore / variant change activities.
-Certificate Restore ( BB 5.0 generation products)
-IMEI /ESN Rebuild (DCT-4 generation products)
-Variant SWAP (DCT-4 generation products)
-Label Printing can be configured to use manual selection for Country Of Origin. Product specific data package may contain new label printing configuration in XML format. Please see product specific Technical Bulletins for further instructions.
-Operating Band reading / writing works only in test mode.

Download :

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Mediafire mirror please

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download it from rapidshare... what is the difference???

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i can't understand...please tell me what is the use of this soft??

03-10-2009, 12:35 PM
is the most advanced tool to manage nokia phone.. is also used in the nokia center

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Thank you!

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