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08-11-2010, 08:48 PM
Cablink 1.7.1 iPhone and iPod Touch


Can you solve Cablink's puzzle by connecting all the pieces to one another? Although very simple to learn the game's difficulty is adjustable, ranging from easily solvable to nearly impossible. Combined with unlimited puzzles, Cablink is sure to keep you entertained no matter what your style of play!

New version 1.7.1: We've added support for Apple's Game Center with its leaderboards and achievements. Also, multiplayer matches are back over WiFi and Bluetooth. We've also added a simplified look for the puzzles for those who are not a fan of the new graphic set. Also resolved a bug with the achievement system popping dialogs too frequently.

"I'm already impressed... other variations of this game don't seem to have half the options this one does!" - TouchArcade Forums

"I absolutely recommend this title - I've been waiting for something like this. This, to me, is the sort of game that reminds me what iPhone gaming is all about... Tremendous job" - TouchArcade Forums

Cablink is a puzzle game where you are given a scrambled network or grid that you must reassemble by rotating its pieces and connecting them to the 'power source'. This highly addictive game comes with a slew of features that will keep you entertained for hours:

- Puzzles are generated and scrambled randomly for each new game. You'll run out of lifespan before you run out of puzzles that need to be solved! Pan and zoom your way across puzzles ranging in size from 4x4 to 15x15!
- Familiar "touch" gestures such as tapping, pinching and swiping make for elegant puzzle navigation.
- Choose puzzles that have longer or "twistier" connections with more end points; each type provides a unique gameplay style.
- Turn on blackout mode to only reveal a cell when it is powered, requiring the player to explore the puzzle at the same time they are trying to solve the it.
- Hexagonal boards give every piece 2 additional directions in which they can connect to the puzzle. (Guaranteed to melt your brain with wrapping on, too!)
- Grid wrapping allows cells to connect to others clear on the other side of the grid, greatly increasing complexity. Guaranteed to melt your brain!
- Use Puzzle Codes to replay your favorite (or maddening!) puzzles, or share them with a friend to see who can solve the same puzzle first!
- Turn your device sideways for landscape-play mode, removing everything but the board for concentrated gameplay.
- Full Open Feint social network integration; chat with other players, unlock achievements, and submit your high scores to see how you rank on global leaderboards.

Each setting is optional and when on affects the puzzle's maximum score.

Each puzzle has a perfect number of turns it takes to be solved; how close can you get to perfection?

Cablink is easy enough to learn for kids to play, but enough of a challenge at higher levels to keep adults hooked!

If you've ever enjoyed games like Net, Loops of Zen, Netwalk, Oil Tycoon or NetManiak then you'll find Cablink is right up your alley!

We're very interested in user feedback for Cablink! Please leave a review, email us or visit Cablink's blog with suggestions and feedback you have. This is a game for its players, and we want to make it the most enjoyable game it can be!
What's new in Version 1.7.1
- Resolved a bug with the achievement system popping dialogs too frequently.