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10-11-2010, 03:12 PM
Robo Run 1.1 iPhone and iPod Touch


The game of next generation graphics comes to iPad.

Only two words to keep in mind. Run - Dodge. Make your Robo cover the maximum distance without colliding with obstacles. Key trick to excel in the game is to maintain your momentum right and make the right choice at the right time. Obstacles provide you to choose between three dodge modes. Jump, Leap and ROll. Each of these modes has its own impact on the rbots momentum. Take the jump instead of leap in a situation and you loose your momentum needed for the next obstacle. So right choice at the right time is important. To add a litte bit of push, the speed of the character keeps incrementing at regular levels of score. As the game progresses it tests your Reflexes, observation and decision making skills to the limits.

Introductory price $1.99 only.

Grab it soon....