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26-11-2010, 09:02 AM
Original ROM was obtained from DocRambone so my special thanks to Doc. This ROM is inspired by Transformers because it is very flexible. User can choose what they want to install and what they dont require so that the ROM works blazing fast. For all those who are frustrated that GPS is not working well this ROM has the GPS bug fixed. (took alot of hacking). There are two base models of ROM XWJPA and XXJPO. What is the difference between these two???....XWJPA is for Swedish/Scandinavian regions and XXJPO is for Great Britain. So choose what you wish.

Please read this whole section before you start flashing as it contains useful info and may answer your potential questions.

Basic Features: Survival kit

The basic ROM with essential apps, settings and configuration for the ROM to survive. The list is below.
- Based on XWJPA, XXJPO (Froyo 2.2)
- Deodexed
- Apps and framework optimized
- Rooted
- Busybox 1.17.3
- Ad hoc Wi-Fi support
- Zip-aligned
- Clockworkmod Recovery
- BLN support
- Unthemed (Theme addons and various theme templates available)
- Modular
- Big APN list
- No wipe installs, factory reset is recommended though
- Optimized launcher pro and ADW launchers
- User string selection in browser (thanks to Fr4gg0r)
- Latest SU and Busybox
- ADW Launcher 1.2.0
- Launcher pro 8.1.1 (can be uninstalled)
- Default Samsung Email app
- Samsung MyFiles
- Task Manager
- Essential Apps like Camera, Radio, Video Player or Music

However....if you wish to add more apps to your phone I will provide links to medium apps and full apps. Just download both apps package and install as zip in CWM. Install Medium apps FIRST and then full apps. NOTE: the apps package can be used on both ROMS.

Medium Apps Upgrade list.
- Allshare (DLNA)
- Gmail
- Flash Player
- Live Wallpapers
- Magic Smoke Wallpapers
- Google Maps
- Mobile tracker
- Protips
- Samsungapps
- Screen capture
- SNS accounts (Facebook sync)
- Unified inbox (Facebook, Twitter etc)
- Wipereceiver
- Voice dialer
- Voice recorder
- Voice search
- YouTube

Full Apps Upgrade list.
- TouchWiz Launcher & Widgets
- Extra fonts
- Aldiko
- Buddiesnow
- Days
- Dualclock
- Layar: Download from market
- Minidiary
- Pressreader
- Samsung live wallpapers (But you can use live wallpapers)
- Thinkdroid
- Write and go

You need Clock Work Mode Recovery, Three Button Combo Recovery/Download mode and disable any lagfix or kernel scheme you already have running on your device. Disable lagfix from CWM>Advanced ULK Features.

If you dont have CWM Recovery please download from the link below. After downloading the file rename file to just update.zip and put it in your internal SD memory.

To boot into CWM recovery just restart you phone into normal stock 2e recovery and select update via update.zip. NOTE: Sometimes you need to flash the update.zip 2 or 3 times before you actually get into CWM Recovery. Once you in CWM proceed to the flashing instructions.

Download Links:



Medium Upgrade Package: Flash this FIRST

Full Upgrade Package:

SWYPE for JPA...Supported languages: English UK, English US, German, French, Dutch, Korean, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Romanian, SerbianLA, Slovenian

SWYPE for JPO....Supported Languages:
English US, English UK, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, PortuguesePT, Polish, Korean, Turkish

MEGATRON Theme (original theme obtained from Dena1. thankyou dena sweetheart) only for XXJPO...XWJPA not supported.

AndroDena THEME 2 for XXJPO and XWJPA.

XXJPO: http://www.mediafire.com/?wnz2ix8u60bf2of

XWJPA: http://www.mediafire.com/?w37y7hwy7oq5vyb

-Download necessary files. By now you should have made up your mind which base ROM you will install.
-After downloading place all necessary files (the Base ROM, Medium Apps Package, Full Apps Package, SWYPE and Theme) in a folder in your Internal SD.
-Reboot into CWM Recovery. By now you should have CWM Recovery. If not scroll back above and read how to obtain it.
-Once in CWM go to Install zip from SD card>Choose file from SD>and choose the base ROM. It is important to remember the file name and what each package is. Dnt go around flashing wrong files. Look hard at file names and be sure you are flashing the right file.
-After choosing the base ROM to flash install it.
After installation you phone will reboot. If your phone goes back into CWM Recovery then just reboot from CWM.
-Once your phone goes into running you will go through basic setting like select language, add Wi Fi and all that. Do what you have to do and finish installation wizard.
-After your done reboot into recovery. This time you will directly enter into CWM Recvery as it is preinstalled with this ROM. Follow the same processes again but instead of flashing base ROM you will flash the medium apps and full apps package, the theme and swype. And then you reboot phone.
-TAAADAAAAAA you are fully set for the new ROM.
If you want your phone to work with lag fix. Reboot again into CWM>go to Advanced ULK features>Select NORFS ext=4 as lagfix.

Please comment if ROM is good or not. This ROM supports a number of languages. Just go to setting>Locale and Text and select your lang. (POLSKI supported for dani boy)


01-12-2010, 09:50 AM
Hi, can this rom be installed on ZTE Blade (San Francisco) ????