View Full Version : Beautiful Widgets v3.232

01-12-2010, 04:33 PM
Requirements: all Android versions

Overview: Beautiful Widgets is a set of widgets that run on the mobile Android platform.


- Nice looking clock with 12/24 hours support
- Multiple layouts and skins support
- Weather with realistic icons
- Celcius and fahrenheit temperature
- Automatic language detection
- Geolocation for the weather city, or the ability to enter the city name
- Automatic sunset/sunrise calculation
- High res graphics for WVGA Devices (such as the Motorola Droid or Nexus One)
- 1x1 beautiful Wifi/Bluetooth/Plane mode/Silent/Vibrate widgets to easily enable or disable them
- 1x1 GPS widget that act as shortcut to enable or disable location in the settings.

3.232 - 1st December 2010
- Updates/Add translations for French, Spanish, Czech, Danish, German, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, CHS and CHT.



02-12-2010, 04:43 AM
hmmm...wonder what makes this better than the sense that's already installed on the phone?