View Full Version : HipLogic *Spark FINAL v1.00(7055) S60v5 SymbainOS9.x Signed {Ultimate HomeScreen UI}

16-12-2010, 07:49 PM
HipLogic *Spark FINAL v1.00(7055) S60v5 SymbainOS9.x Signed {Ultimate HomeScreen UI}


Once you download *Spark, it will replace the Home screen on your Android or Symbian phone with one that is elegant, organized, clean, simple and personalized. *Spark will launch with the following modules, which can be turned off or on and rearranged in any order:


View your current location-aware Weather forecast, wherever you're at with *Spark's location-based Weather module. Add other additional City locations to Weather and watch the forecasts for those places too!

Status Module:

Update your Social Status to multiple Social Networks, like Facebook and Twitter, at once. (More Social Networks coming soon)


View Live News, Entertainment, Sports, Politics, Opinion and Other News Streams on your phone's Home screen and easily share News links and/or blog about them directly from *Spark via Facebook, Twitter or SMS.

Social Streams:
Keep track of the latest Facebook and Twitter updates with *Spark's Social Streams that update every minute to your Home screen.

Changelog: 16.12.2010

Putting itself forward as the “real-time home screen” Hiplogic’s *Spark has left beta and the full version is officially launched today. With hooks into your own social networks on Facebook and Twitter, as well as news headlines from PA, Sky and CBS and a new daily deals module (powered by this month’s web darling, Groupon)