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06-04-2009, 09:26 PM
PhonePhreak Software LightSignalPlus.v1.10.s60v5.SymbianOS.9.4.Retail-gkataria
Do you find the Nokia 5800's built-in Notification Light feature for missed messages/calls actually quite hard to notice? Then LightSignalPlus is just what you need: LightSignalPlus makes all three keys flash every 2 seconds whenever there has been an sms, an email, or a call.

LightSignalPlus makes the keys blink whenever the system notification about new messages/calls has been left unobserved for 10 seconds. In this case, the keys will light up every 2 seconds. When you tap on the screen to see the notification, the blinking will switch off.

LightSignalPlus has been designed to start the blinking only when it makes sense. For instance, when you choose to cancel the system notification about the new message/call, LightSignalPlus knows that you wish to attend to the message/call later, and the blinking will stop. Also, when a message or call arrives while you are currently in an app, SMSBlink assumes that you have taken notice, and will not become active. LightSignalPlus will activate only when there are no app windows open

Now it works perfectly even when its locked
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