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12-01-2011, 07:54 PM
Captain Bombom. 1.1.1


*** For iPhone 3GS AND UP ONLY ***

--- What's New In 1.1 ---
- New energy system.
- New caption system.
- Introduce a new character,X,the - 2 new crafts. Speed-motor & Ladybird guardian.
- New achievements.
- Improve performance.
- Rebalance levels and control panels.
- Fix some bugs.

--- Description ---

A new style of 3D shooting game, the main character possesses different shooting ability. Also can manipulate carriers to fight against endless enemies and destroy the rigs that stole the planet's energy

--- Features ---

- Three different shooting ability, different ways to destroy the enemy.
- Two very special powerful bombs.
- Manipulate powerful siege tank
- The main target is the giant rig.
- Multiple attacking mode and characteristic enemy.
- Three different difficulty.
- Brilliant 3D special effect.
- Support openfient, provide online community.

--- Story ---

It happened in a supposedly happy vacation. Captain Bombom left front
fort R-69 (frontier outpost base R-69) for the space station. On the way,
he found an unknown planet that was under Octopus Aliens' assault.
"I don?t think this beautiful blue planet can make it till the Space Guards
come!!!" Therefore, Captain Bombom put on his blasting equipment and
then got ready to stop the evil Octopus Aliens.
What's new in Version 1.1.1
minor bugs fixed.