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18-04-2009, 07:16 PM
Core Crisis S60v3 J2ME [Chinese]


You will act the code number ?the goatsucker? the super soldier, follows "Core Crisis" lands the enemy-occupied area secretly together. You will carry each kind of heavy advanced weapons, in beautiful woman assistant ?Claire? under the direction, launches the positional warfare in the shallow seas and tidelands and the enemy; Submerges the duty avoidance in the base interior execution layer on layer to trace; Seeks for the export in the labyrinth enemy troop headquarters prominent tight encirclement; Kills with hand's in sniper's rifle the enemy second outside the kilometer; The driving motor speed boat battles in the tropical rain forest with the enemy; Avoids vampire bat tracing in the jungle; The outside star soldier who varies with ability launches rips kills; The sudden antagonism BOSS combat general leads you to enter a visual and the intelligence gluttony grand feast! But the story result will also anticipate that you continue write