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16-01-2011, 01:42 PM

Tenuis HD for iPhone 4
The following article was witten and published by William Szilveszter.

News Update
Firstly, I’ve been working on stuff, on adding more to the general UI, as well as adding a few new icons. Secondly, stop trying to send me donations. There’s been a handful of you that have emailed me asking, and not to sound rude (I appreciate the offer, really), I’m good. Save your cash or spend it on something that’ll do someone some good. Lastly, there likely won’t be an update till someone produces a mass-use JB for 4.2.1. When that they comes (and it’s a spit away I read), I’ll drop the new update. But it’ll be for 4.2.1.

iOS 4.1
Download http://cl.ly/1K0W3o3b2B2y3F2F3r2Q/tenuishd-

iOS 4.2.1
Download http://cl.ly/2e403D412U1C3w2D400n/tenuishd-

Don’t like the badges? Want some nice wallpapers? Go grab the Tenuis HD extras.


A rework of Shiizun’s Tenuis icon set. Tenuis HD is designed exclusively for the iPhone 4′s Retina Display.

This theme has been packaged to work solely alongside WinterBoard, thus SummerBoard legacy support can (and should) be disabled.

No requests for icons are being accepted at this time; however, the theme includes a template file for those wishing to create new ones. Please view the Read Me file for additional information.

Q. Why are all the PNGs transparent? Are they corrupt?

A. No. The image files are fine. They have been optimized (like all images on iOS) for the iPhone using pngcrush. From my understanding, they can be references by the graphics processor and iOS for enhanced rendering (something about calculating alpha channels on the fly).

Q. The app overlays aren’t working. What’s going on?

A. Yes they are. Trust me. I hear you say, “Well then, where are the 3D bevels on the bottom of the icons in the App Store for example? Riddle me that Batman!” Well, let me tell you…

All icons have an inherent 3D bevel at the bottom (that’s part of Tenuis’ charm). Unlike Tenuis SD in which they are all the same (grey), Tenuis HD looks to make them unique to each icon. Look at the Safari icon in the screenshot above. The bevel is blue. Now look at iTunes, the bevel fits in with the suit. To accomplish this, the App Icon Mask had to be expanded to show each icon’s respective bevel.

If you don’t like this behaviour, download this file (note: the file is compressed and will be rendered by browsers as “invisible”, but it’s there. Better to right click on the file and choose “save as…”) and overwrite the one located in:

{theme name}/Bundles/com.apple.mobileicons.framework

This will theme all icons on the device with the bevel (even those in the App Store). The only trade off is that all 3rd party apps (the ones that rely on the App Icon Mask) will carry the same ubiquitous grey bevel.