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23-01-2011, 07:22 PM
Launch Control 1.11


It?s time for you to be in charge of spacecraft control with Launch Control. Try out your control, coordination, and timing skills with this highly addictive game for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Launch Control has simple game play with line drawing guidance for the spacecraft you are vectoring. Try your best to guide space crafts to where they need to arrive ? but be careful not to cause any collisions or else it?s game over!

Try out the Alien Control version built into the game where you must vector alien ships away from the rockets you are guiding to space stations. Share your high scores on Twitter or Facebook and even send a challenge to a friend!


Launch Control:
- Touch and drag spacecrafts to their designated landing zones
- Guide satellites to one of the six available slots
- Spacecrafts turn white after flightpath was drawn correctly

Alien Control:
- UFO?s are uncontrollable until they reach the energy shield
- After UFO?s turn green, guide them outside of the screen
- Don?t allow UFO?s to reach earth surface!

With two games in one, Launch Control can provide hours of addicting game play and challenging scores to beat. Do you have what it takes to vector space craft without causing any ?midspace? collisions?