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25-10-2009, 09:43 PM

Million Dollar Poker
by Gameloft

Play poker against opponents with
near-human artificial intelligence.

Discover the most realistic mobile poker game thanks to a new-generation artificial intelligence developed with poker legend Gus Hansen. Whatever your skill level, compete against a multitude of players with different profiles, from the most predictable to the most experienced, who will test your nerves by using the most advanced poker techniques (slow play, check-raise). Improve your game with Gus Hansen's advice and jumpstart your professional career, winning increasingly important tournaments and maybe even conquering the most prestigious events...

- The official game by Gus Hansen, International Poker Champion with an unprecedented track record;
- Play poker against opponents with near-human artificial intelligence, developed with Gus Hansen;
- Compete against a multitude of players of all levels, from a beginner to a professional player;
- Whatever your skill level, benefit from Gus Hansen's advice to improve your poker game;
- Ultra-realistic poker experience: Subjective first-person view of the cards, TV production.

supplied by [email protected]

Original versions for

Sony Ericsson R300 (128x160) http://waper.ru/file/686219
Sony Ericsson T280 (128x160) http://waper.ru/file/686219
Sony Ericsson T303 (128x160) http://waper.ru/file/686219
Sony Ericsson S302 (176x220) http://waper.ru/file/926110
Sony Ericsson C902 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/915325
Sony Ericsson C905 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/793417
Sony Ericsson K660 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/957029
Sony Ericsson K850 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/636433
Sony Ericsson T700 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/793417
Sony Ericsson W595 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/841653
Sony Ericsson W902 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/646979
Sony Ericsson W910 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/646979
Sony Ericsson W950 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/976013
Sony Ericsson W960 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/667483
Sony Ericsson W995 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/636433
Sony Ericsson Z750 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/722149
Sony Ericsson Z770 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/957029