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05-02-2011, 11:05 AM
Battle Defence Line v1.2.4


Battle defence line Free Event.


Strategy defense game that background is The Second World War, survive from merciless attack.

- "Action + Defense + Producing" Strategy defense game
- Army unit producing system
- Upgrading system
- Repair and upgrade your base
- Buy weapons at the store
- Strategic targeting of specific difficulty
- World Ranking System

[To play]
- Get compensation after clear each stage
- Buy and upgrade weapons
- Eliminate enemy by upgraded weapon and producing army
- Unlock the new weapon every time clear the map

[Menu Guide]
1. The main screen
Start Play, Ranking, Help, Exit

2. Map screen
Go to main screen, New Game, continued , select map

3. Games
Merciless attack

4. Store
- Buying weapons
- Upgrade
(1) Repair and upgrade bunker
(2) Upgrade army training camp: Soldier, Ranger
(3) Upgrade Military Institute: Tank, Scout, Truck
(4) Energy Upgrade: Improve recharge speed , increase energy gauge

5. Ranking
All users compete with the world scores

http://hotfile.com/dl/102013407/36fdd45/Battle_Defence_Line_255BNextail255D_2528v1.2.4_LP_ os302529-Seb1971.ipa.html