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12-02-2011, 10:57 PM
Essential Android Applications Pack for novice or expert users
Requirements: Android
Overview: You are new user in the world of Android? You just bought an android and you feel confused with thousands of applications? Here is a list of essential applications for your Android!
The list of applications is purely personal and maybe for expert users there are some more apps to add.

For me do not need install dozens of applications that can used for the same reason or work or install apps that do not use..
Surely there are many other applications that can be installed to customize or ''change'' your phone like widgets, live wallpapers ect.
Depends on the personal preferences!
But I think that for a novice user this list can be helpful.

Versions of applications are up to date 12/02/2011.

-ADWLauncher EX v1.2.2
-GO Launcher EX v2.02
-Animated Widget Contact Launch v1.2.3
-Animated Weather Widget&Clock Pro v2.6.0
-Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers v2.1
-Applanet v2.7.3
-Barcode Scanner v3.53
-Advanced Task Manager v5.3
-Battery Status Ultimate v1.0
-Beautiful Widgets v3.241 (better and stable)
-Beautiful Widgets v3.3.4
-BioWallet v0.5.3
-Camera Fun Pro v2.8
-Extended Controls v5.0.3
-Power Control Plus v2.0.1
-Call Dock Bar v3.0
-ezPDF Reader v1.0.18.0
-Documents To Go v3.002.883 (register with any information)
-ThinkFree Ofice Mobile v2.0.1011.0
-Fancy Widget Pro v1.0.7
-Tiny Flashlight + LED v3.8.2
-Multi-touch gallery Pro v1.0
-Floating Image v2.8.8
-Folder Organizer v3.2.10
-GO Weather v1.5
-Android Optimizer v1.2.11
-Market History Eraser One Click v2.0.0
-Super Manager v2.0.4
-Task Manager v1.7.0
-VEVO v1.03
-App 2 SD Pro (move apps to SD) v1.41 (Android 2.2+)
-OI File Manager v1.1.4
-RockPlayer Universal v1.6.3 FULL
-Smart Keyboard Pro v3.13.0
-Better Keyboard 8 v8.4
-Startup Auditor v2.3.2
-Uninstaller Pure v3.0.2
-Google Earth v1.2.1
-z4root v1.1.0 (froyo)
-Z4root v1.3.0 (froyo)
-PowerAMP Music Player v1.0 Build 230 FULL (the only real crack/work version)
-ASTRO File Manager v2.5.2 and ASTRO File Manager Pro v1.0 (This key will remove the adds from the from the ASTRO File Manager application)
-Swype v2.4.44.10912 WVGA/HVGA
-Swype v2.15.56.14870 - WVGA/HVGA/WVGA854 - download links (too much different versions and languages for add all .apks)
-VPlayer Donation v0.7.7b7
-Swiftkey v1.1.77

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03-07-2011, 09:14 AM
what about beepless call recorder