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28-10-2009, 07:17 PM

Pocket Chef
by Gameloft

Learn to cook the trendiest recipes while
enjoying fun mini-games! Bon appetit!

Become a master chef... on your mobile! Are you starving for new recipes or a total kitchen newbie? Now you can learn how to cook the yummiest recipes from around the world with fun mini-games! Follow up to 33 recipes, step by step, and put your precision and speed skills to the gourmet test. Customize your own dishes and challenge up to 7 cooks, from your culinary-whiz mother to a five-star chef. Best of all, the game doubles as a recipe book available to you 24/7! On the menu are gazpacho, orange smoothies, brownies and more! So whip out your chef hat and become master of the kitchen!

- 20 mini-games to prepare real recipes, from the preparation to the baking and presentation;
- 33 recipes from all over the world, including different courses and cuisines;
- 2 game modes and a recipe book available whenever you want to cook in real life;
- Face 7 charismatic chefs, from your mother to a five-star gastronomical genius;
- Realistic cooking graphics and sounds. You will actually cook with your mobile!

supplied by [email protected]

Original versions for

HTC Pilgrim 8900 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/1044585
HTC Tilt 8925 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/1044585
HTC Touch P3450 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/722569
HTC TyTN II/Kaiser P4550 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/730775
HTC Touch Dual P5500 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/836743
HTC Touch 3G T3232 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/722569
HTC Touch Diamond P3700 (480x640) http://waper.ru/file/726561
HTC Touch Pro P4600 (480x640) http://waper.ru/file/715463
LG KS20 (240x320) http://waper.ru/file/672542
Samsung i607 BlackJack (320x240) http://waper.ru/file/678940
Samsung i637 Jack (WM) (320x240) http://waper.ru/file/964853
Samsung i900 Omnia (240x400) http://waper.ru/file/964855