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01-11-2009, 05:39 PM
MatchEm - Animalz v1.50 iPhone iPod Touch


PurpleZoo Productions
Category: Games
Price: $1.99
Released: Sep 17, 2009
Size: 3.2 MB
Seller: Christian Urquhart
Latest version: 1.50

** 8/10 review at AppCraver-
Animalz Gets Applauze for Solid <nobr>Puzzle Game</nobr>
"Animalz is a game similar to reMovem but with more pizazz."
"Overall, Animalz has good <nobr>entertainment</nobr> value and presents itself as a solid puzzle game that makes sense."


** 4.5/5 review at 148apps.com
"this is a good take on an already popular format of game, and it really adds more strategy to how you would traditionally play it. It is a nice feature to get through the levels targeted scores by clicking the ‘animalz’ faces."


Reviews and comments from players:
- This game entertains me to the fullest!
- The graphics are great and the game is well presented.
- Graphics, animations, <nobr>user interface</nobr> and sounds are great.
- Man, I could not stop popping those balls.

Animalz is a puzzle game with a twist.

It has:
- Cute Graphics
- Catchy tune
- Hours of fun
- Bonus Scores
- Fun sounds

This will keep you <nobr>entertained</nobr> for hours.

How To Play:
Tap on a colored ball and it will pop, tap on a group of colored balls to get a higher score.

For each level you are given a number of balls to pop to finish the level, you will also be given a limited number of pops - so choose carefully, these values are depicted by the 2 bars in the top left hand corner.


Click on one of the ‘Animalz’ and the balls will rotate around him, connect 2 or more of the same ‘Animalz’ and not only will you get a bonus score but you will get an additional pop.

The levels get more difficult as you go, what score can you get?

Hint: Use 2 of the ‘Animalz’ to rotate around the board to bring the same colored balls together to increase your score.


Recommended for fans of all types of puzzle and <nobr>arcade</nobr> games.

MORE Modes coming in the next release, as always you will get these with free updates

Changed sound system so you can play your own music while playing.


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
<nobr>Requires</nobr> iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later