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01-11-2009, 07:03 PM

Phoenix Service Software 2009.34.7.40015

Release Information:

SW components:
- Phoenix Service Software 2009.34.7.40015
- DK2 Dongle Driver v
- Nokia Connectivity Cable USB Driver v (for Win2000 driver version
- Flash Update Package 09.042.021
- FLS-x Dongle Driver v 2.09.28
- FPS-11 version 5.10.0

Changes/improvements made from previous version 2009.20.10.39068:
New features:
- Touch Screen Calibration
- ALS Tuning Wizard
COMMON SW SB-107 Copyright ? Nokia Corporation 2009
Error corrections & changes:
- Flash Update Package 09.042.032
- New rf_losses.ini
- Product Code change improvements for RX-51
- Dynamic Country of origin in label printing shows country names in clear text if product specific configuration / data package supports it.
- Several improvements for the RX-51 product, please refer to product specific Service Bulletins for further instructions
- Changes to DCT-4 IMEI / ESN rebuild.
Known errors & limitations:
- Software downgrade with Tucson system is only possible for BB 5.0 products supporting the Data Package 2 concept.
- Flashing with FLS-5, SS-46 and product specific adapter is not reliable for all BB 5.0 products.
- If you install old DCT-4 data packages, Flash Update Package File installation path may be wrong. This is caused by very old DCT-4 data packages which contain Flash Update Package
and overwrite current information during installation. If you experience problems when updating FPS-x prommers, please check that Phoenix ?Prommer maintenance? is looking for the files
from the correct location which is ?C: Program FilesCommon FilesNokiaTssFlash?. If not, Phoenix will show error ?Update via ini u file failed?. In this case, select ?Update? from that
Phoenix ?Prommer maintenance? u UI, browse to correct directory and select ?fpsxupd.ini? for all other prommers except the FPS-8.
- Multi Flash has limited capabilities, launch Multiflash UI first and then connect phones one by one, do not attempt to service more than 5 phones at the time
- Some phone models request SIM Lock data to be written in wrong format. You should use special DLL as a workaround for this product software related problem. Please see Common SB SB-102 Tucson Add-On Components for SIM Lock version
- While performing restore or variant change operations with Tucson system firmware update as a separate activity may increase stability.
- DCT-4 IMEI / ESN Rebuild functionality is limited. Corrections will be available when new Flash Update Package is released during week 45/2009
- Operating band reading / writing may not work for all products (e.g. RM-159), due to implementation in phone SW. Phoenix modifications will be available in an additional Phoenix release
estimated for week 43/2009. This function can also be done via phone keypad.
- Refurbishment flashing and product code change for RX-51 product requires SX-4 card to be available
- FPS-21 flashing for RX-51 works only with TCPIP connection, if FPS-21 prommer HW is older than 10. USB connection works if FPS-21 HW is 10 or newer.
Also, because of numerous requests I will also provide you with unmodified Phoenix (for those with third-party HW equipment).

Full Version : http://ul.to/o4x5j0/Phoenix_2009.34.7.exe
Original Version Not Cracked : http://rapidshare.com/files/299685841/Phoenix_Service_Software_2009_34_7_40015.exe

02-11-2009, 01:23 PM
pls can u post pheonix on mediafire it is faster and has resumable download

thanx any way for the upload

26-11-2009, 03:09 PM
It is the software Nokia uses to flash the new firmware images on the phones as the Nokia service centere. It has of course many more features that allow to configure and investigate the phone.

Totally of no interest for end-users as Nokia provides a simpe to use falshing tool through the Nokia Software Update web site.

Absolute Steal.com (http://www.absolutesteal.com?o=f1011)

10-12-2009, 06:24 PM
thanks bro..

18-01-2010, 02:57 PM
Hi there i need some help please .. I'm using windows 7 & I've setup the Phoenix Service Software 2009.34.7.40015 without any problems but when i run it it give me this error message

Error loading component

HRESULT 0x80040154 (-2147221164)
This means:
Class not registered

then i press OK the program opens & when i hit scan for products it give me the same error message as above & it reads my device as RM-320 but it give me nothing at the program main screen & when i try the flashing options it give me the same error message ..when i try to open the flashing options a lot the message changes & become

Error loading component

HRESULT 0x80004005 (-2147467259)
This means:
Unspecified error

So any suggestions ? do any body knows what the problem is? ... please i really need to reflash my phone

oh i almost forgot to mention that my phone is N95 8GB & it's current firmware is 30.0.018 & working properly but i need to reflash it with the new firmware 35.0.001 V.7.0

18-01-2010, 03:17 PM
use this version http://uploaded.to/file/rdixjt

18-01-2010, 04:27 PM
Raju it didn't work either the same problem & the error messages still there .. thanks any way i really appreciate your response .. i will try it on another PC runing windows xp i hope it works well

20-01-2010, 03:24 AM
direct link by me
download (http://www.parspda.com/rapids/files/parspda%20Phoenix_2009.34.7.exe)

20-01-2010, 03:10 PM
thanks Raju the second version works well on XP but neither work at windows 7 .. i have changed my phone code and updated it's firmware to 35.0.01 but i need to rebrand it to TIM telecom i've already changed the phone code to 0557876 but i need to download a TIM firmware to reflash my n95 8gb with it .. so please if any body could give me a hand i will be very grateful ..& esiise thanks a lot for your help.

18-07-2010, 09:36 AM
thanks a lot