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30-03-2011, 01:34 PM
From XdaDev http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1007125

Sign Here http://www.groubal.com/motorola-lockedencrypted-bootloader-policy/

Visit Groubal and sign the petition: http://www.groubal.com/motorola-lock...loader-policy/

Retweet: http://twitter.com/#!/ibproud/status/52265679990169600

UPDATE (30th March 2011):

We are now at the ~2500 mark. This has been a fantastic result and we're trying to see those numbers get even higher.

Groubal has now been the victim of 2 hack attacks that brought down the site for a couple of hours. The founder of Groubal beleives this is a result of the Motorola/Bootloader petition as they have not experienced these attacks before.

Hello Irwin,

Yes indeed...Groubal was hacked once again. We have our technical team and our hosting enterprise working feverishly on this to remedy the problem.

Clearly your petition and all your supporters have touched off serious nerves; and your message has created amazing awareness around the world now.

We will fix the problem and move forward. Please take the time to let everyone know on all the forums what has happened to Groubal.

Thanks in advance,

Groubal Customer Care
[email protected]
I'm not going to make assumptions to where these attacks are coming from, but at least it's showing we're getting some attention.

Please continue to spread the word and show your support.
If you know of any way to spread this further, please pursue these alternatives.
If you can get a blog or a small news site to write about it, that will help us get the message to other people out there.

Previous UPDATE (28th March 2011):

So the numbers are 1430, but there has been a few dramas over the past couple of hours.

Groubal was Hacked!!! They suspect it has something to do with this petition!!!

Their email to me below:
Hello Irwin,

Groubal was hacked! Our host is addressing this matter as we speak. We hope Groubal.com will be back up and running soon.

Clearly the Motorola petition has spread widely throughout the web and touched a major nerve. You can be sure we will do whatever possible to get back in service ASAP.

Thanks for the alert.

Groubal Customer Care
Previous UPDATE (26th March 2011):
We now have over 1300 signatures and have made the front page of the Groubal website!

Excellent work to everyone who signed and shared this within other forums and social networks.

Next Steps:
- I am now looking to start collaborating with other advocates on other networks and to continue to push the message. The 1000 mark was a milestone, but we will still need to see some higher numbers to nudge Motorola to take us seriously.

- I will also start getting in touch with some of the Android news sites (e.g. Phandroid, Android Central, etc.) as well as Tech blogs (Gizmodo & Engadget).
-- This may be a long shot, but one thing that I saw over the weekend was how passionate the community is about this.

- I will continue to spread the word and will look at setting up a Facebook group, even considering a channel on Youtube.

You are the most important people to this cause and I urge you to keep spreading the word.

I will fight this passionately and will do everything I can to see Motorola change their policy. Australia is the home of the "Little Aussie Battler" an expression used to describe how resilient and dedicated we get when we're on the ropes.

The Little Android Battler

Hi All,

I have created a Groubal (online petition) to get a response from Motorola on it's bootloader policy.

>>This petition started for the Atrix, but I made sure that it was for Motorola's overall Bootloader Policy. I have reached 200 signatures in 2 weeks, but now believe it's time to expand this out of the Atrix space and into the larger Motorola Dev community.

I understand this has been tried before (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=739531), but my intention is to not complain about 1 generation of devices, but to show Motorola that we are a larger group than they think and that we speak together.

I am also feeding back to Motorola about twice a week, they'll get sick of me soon enough.

Please visit the link & sign:

Spread the word far and wide.

If you spread the word via twitter, please retweet the following:

I know there are a lot of skeptics, but I will keep trying. I don't have the skill to help the Dev's crack the phone, but I do have the patience to make our voices heard.