View Full Version : Little Runner v1.4 iPhone iPod Touch IPPDA

Maherun Nesa Irin
11-08-2009, 04:52 AM

He’s a cute alien creature, from a strange race of Runners. And all he wants to do is RUN – but you have to help him out!

Adjust the platforms ahead of him using your fingertips to clear the path of any pitfalls or stonewalls. Blow out fires with the swipe of a finger. Crush boulders with a simple tap. And let him take care of the rest.

-One finger-touch play
-One infinite mode
-Step by step increase of speed
-Soundtrack by Shanghai MFA
-Hand drawn art
-Highscore feature

What's new

+++++++++++DOODLE JUMP EASTER EGG++++++++++
*** Little Runner Jumping
*** New Obstacles
*** Cool and Better Platform Spawning

Download :