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11-11-2009, 02:00 PM

9000.BC.EP1.Arrival.Of.God.Soldiers.and.Spells.v1. 1.1.iPhone.iPod.Touch-iPWNPDA

"9000 BC is a unique iPhone app with a blend of arcade, action, role playing and defense strategy gaming for the iPhone featuring hand drawn stop motion graphics and loaded with options"

What's new?
*** Powerful monsters are now on your side!
---> The Red Eyed Monster
---> The Ferocious Shark Head
---> The Powerful Beast Man has
--- arrived from the jungle and seas to aid
--- you in your battles!

*** Tree of MAGIC ***
---> You can buy Magical Fruits that give you
--- the ability to Cast Spells.
---> Eat a Magical Fruit to cast spells on
--- those evil monsters!

*** 3 Different types of SPELLS ***
---> Ancient Way of the Spear
-------> use this spell to get a huge magical
-------- spear for a while and kill multiple
-------- with one shot. Yeah, ONE shot.
---> Short Term Mind Control
-------> use this spell to stun the monsters,
-------- they will be SHOCKED and stay
-------- where they are for a short duration.
-------- COOL!
---> Mega-Tiny-ize
-------- cast this spell to SHRINK the
-------- monsters and make them weaker.

*** A lot of people wanted this
---> now you can Tap to Shoot the spear!
---- Woohoo!

*** Full OpenFeint support with
---- achievements,leader-boards and chat!

*** What's next? - MAPS!!!, more prehistoric
---- beasts, and EVEN more...

*** This is not it. We are still working hard on
---- the next release.

So, GO TO:--> 9000BC.com to request a feature or tell us what you want!

The Story of 9,000BC:

9000BC is based in, you guessed it, 9000BC. The natives from neighboring tribes and the monsters from the deep Jungle are coming.

They are here to take away the power of life from your Village.

Your sole task is that of a protector. Your strength has been magnified by the power of the Gods. Along with this strength, new powers have been granted to you.

9,000 BC promises to take you back in time where fiction is reality.

9000.BC.EP1.Arrival.Of.God.Soldiers.and.Spells.v1. 1.1.iPhone.iPod.Touch-iPWNPDA.rar

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